ZOWIE XL2411P 144Hz 24 Inch Gaming Monitor for Esports

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  • Why is there insect found inside my screen?

  • This is a very common issue that usually occurs when any monitor is being used in a dark environment without secondary light source activated, the back-light and warmth of the monitor attracting the insects which get trapped inside the LCD layers.

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  • Does my monitor support NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible?

  • Currently, only XL2540 & XL2740 are listed as GSYNC compatible monitors. For the latest GSYNC compatible monitor list, please visit NVIDIA's website for the latest update.

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  • What VESA mount should I use on this monitor?

  • This monitor has a VESA standard mount with 100mm pattern, allowing the installation of a wall mount or arm bracket. Please use M4x10mm screws and possible wall mount adapter accessory when doing the installation. Please check with the wall mount/arm kit vendor or check with ZOWIE RMA for further assistance if any.

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  • Why does my monitor keep showing no signal even though the DisplayPort cable is connected properly, and what should I do?

  • Please check the following:

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