What is DyAc™, DyAc⁺™ and DyAc™ 2?

  • 2023-11-10

DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/DyAc™ 2

DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/DyAc™ 2 is designed to reduce motion blur in LCD displays. “DyAc”, which is short for Dynamic Accuracy, reduces ghosting in fast game scenes, minimizes screen shaking in rapid firing, and enables players to track enemies more easily. This exclusive technology controls backlight and eliminates afterimages left by moving objects, so images appear stable to the naked eye. Although the difference is minimal and varies from person to person,  that 1% can make all the difference in the arena.

How does DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/ DyAc™ 2 help in-game?



Call of Duty

What is motion blur?

The way an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) produces an image is simple.

Each pixel becomes visible when a light beam passes through the liquid crystal. When we see an object continuously moving on screen, this means that light beams are continuously passing through multiple liquid crystals. In order to display images on a monitor with a high refresh rate, liquid crystals must swiftly switch, frame by frame, to allow the passage of the light beam. Motion blur occurs because the liquid crystals are unable to transition quickly enough, resulting in the previous image still being visible momentarily.

CRT displays offer excellent motion clarity

Despite higher refresh rates and the development of low-latency panels, the sharpness of moving images on LCD is still limited.

Among the multiple display technologies of the past, CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) displays perform the best in forming sharp moving images. CRT creates images with electron beam tracking, so a moving object does not have an afterimage.

Dynamic Accuracy

DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ is the exclusive technology that simulates a CRT's dynamic display effect on LCD and is based on the backlight control technique.

(Note: This is just an illustration and not an exact representation.)

The backlight is turned on and then switched off at a fixed point. This helps to avoid unwanted afterimages since there is no residual light from a previous fixed point. In other words, you do not see a lingering image (motion blur) because no light beam passes through more than one point at a time.

Previously, the LCD panel was a standard component. ZOWIE customized the panel and also made exclusive modifications to the circuitry and firmware settings. Without changing the content of games, DyAc™ /DyAc⁺™ provides clearer moving images, especially for FPS games.

Latest Developments in DyAc™2

Continuing the mission to develop professional esports equipment and enhance the gaming experience so players can perform at their best, ZOWIE takes DyAc™ into the next generation with the dual backlight technology, DyAc™ 2.

In contrast to the single backlight utilized in DyAc™ / DyAc+™, DyAc™ 2’s dual-backlight design creates a softer backlight for improved eye adaptation. This DyAc™ 2's dual-backlight tech has also undergone a redesign through the addition of ZOWIE's exclusive circuitry and firmware, which improves the simulation of CRT-like dynamic display effects. It also optimizes clarity for more precise aiming and rapid firing in FPS gameplay compared to DyAc™/DyAc+™.

(Note: This is just an illustration and not an exact representation.)


How does DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/ DyAc™ 2 help in-game?​



Call of Duty

*The following videos come from actual slow motion in-game clips. Because the effect will still vary depending on the individual, we recommend players experience it for themselves to determine which DyAc™ setting is more suitable in-game.


In CS2, DyAc™ technology aids in controlling the bullet trajectory during sustained fire, ensuring that bullets are concentrated on the enemy. It also assists players while scanning for enemy positions, enabling quicker differentiation of enemy locations and quicker aiming.

(1) DyAcTM ON vs DyAcTM OFF

(2) DyAc 2TM vs Other Motion Blur Tech 2


In VALORANT, characters have their own set of abilities like Jett with her faster movement. When aiming and moving the crosshair, DyAc™ makes the background look less blurry which helps players to see their enemies more clearly.

(1) DyAcTM ON vs DyAcTM OFF

(2) DyAcTM 2 vs Other Motion Blur Tech 2


In APEX, characters have their own set of abilities such as being able to move quickly, like Octane in the video. When aiming and moving the crosshair, DyAc™ makes the background more clearly visible and less blurry. Players see more clearly, which helps them better target the enemy.



Some players have asked if DyAc™ can also help in Fortnite, as they believe it was developed with CS2 in mind. This video shows the different experiential styles of DyAc™ in Fortnite.



In Rainbow Six Siege, DyAc™ reduces motion blur, helping you recognize enemies earlier during quick peeks. In addition, DyAc™ lowers the motion blur caused by vigorous shaking from the shock of explosives, helping you to sense enemies during explosions.



In Halo Infinite, characters have the ability to move in many ways as well as being able to shift positions quickly. DyAc™ enables you to trace and then aim at moving targets more easily, making the background less blurry while you are quickly turning around, which helps you to see the enemy more clearly.


COD: Cold War

This is a demo of DyAc™ in Call of Duty: Cold War by 120Hz over PS5. It reduces motion blur and provides a different visual feeling in-game.



In PUBG, DyAc™ reduces the motion blur caused when a player is turning quickly when searching for enemies, as well as reducing vigorous screen shaking while spraying. This helps players see crosshairs and enemies more clearly and improves recoil control in-game.



Q1: Will DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/DyAc™ 2 increase input lag?

A1: Because DyAc™ functions independently on the monitor and doesn’t require syncing with a PC, it won’t consume any computing power that might affect your gameplay performance nor add input lag.


Q2: Why does the brightness reduce when I activate DyAc™ on my XL2411K/XL2731K?

A2: This is due to the 144/165Hz panel limitation and won't happen on our 240Hz or above models that use DyAc™.


Q3: How much will brightness reduce when I activate DyAc™ on my XL2411K/XL2731K?

A3: It reduces by roughly 50%. How any reduction in brightness is perceived will vary depending on who the observer is together with the ambient conditions.


Q4: Is DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/DyAc™ 2 compatible with variable refresh rate (VRR)?

A4: DyAc™ is not compatible with VRR (Gsync/FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync), so when you turn on VRR (if your model has VRR), then DyAc™ will be off by default. If you want to turn DyAc™ on, you need to first turn off VRR on your graphic card control panel. DyAc™ works differently to VRR and provides different benefits compared to others.


• DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/DyAc™ 2 provides a clearer dynamic vision based on a high and stable refresh rate and fps.

• VRR (Gsync/FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync) reduces stuttering and tearing when there is a significant gap between fps and the refresh rate, or where there is a low fps and low refresh rate.


Q5: Does DyAc™/DyAc⁺™/DyAc™ 2 work on a console or does a PC need additional functions to be compatible with DyAc™?

A5: DyAc™ is an independent feature built into the monitor that works on any PC or console. Where the input content is 100hz or above, DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ provides the best motion clarity.

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