The Do’s and Don’ts of resolving not reaching 360 fps in-game

  • 2022-12-07


(1) Check if the game supports 360 fps. For example, APEX Legends currently only supports the maximum output of 300 fps.

(2) Check if you have set the in-game frame rate settings limit to “360 fps” or “unlimited.” Some games like Overwatch II & Fortnite have fps limit or fps cap settings.

(3) Check if there are any commands that capped your fps in-game. For games like APEX Legends or CS:GO, they use launch options to control the fps limit.


(1) Don’t turn on the Vertical-Sync for both “in-game” and in “Graphics Card Control Panel,” because enabling Vertical-Sync might cap your fps

If you are still experiencing problems hitting 360 fps in-game, please contact us in the following communities for further assistance.

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