ZOWIE XL Monitor Default Color Settings


XL Monitors Preset Colors

Whether it's with any past XL series or the new XL-K generation, some users have criticized the preset colors out of box. The difference in color is immediately noticeable when running other programs and even below the expectations of a regular monitor.

Background on how the Default Settings Were Chosen

Color settings are very subjective and everyone has a different take. There isn’t one perfect setting that is ideal for any application and certainly not for one’s own preferences. That’s why XL monitors have different pre-loaded modes to meet different purposes and scenarios. Each color setting takes careful consideration, game by game, scene by scene, to make sure the colors work throughout the gameplay, and not compromised in different maps.

FPS1 is specifically tuned for CS:GO gameplay, you’ll find the color contrast is much softer and balanced for more viewing comfortably in-game. FPS1 also has ZOWIE’s Color Vibrance feature activated. When enemies are hard to distinguish from the background. FPS1 makes it easier by boosting the color contrast to help identify and sense movement. 

FPS2 is optimized for Call Of Duty Warzone.

FPS3 is for Fortnite.

We have also created a game mode for Valorant. You can access it by downloading the XL Setting-To-Share software.

XL Setting To Share™

With XL Setting to Share,  ZOWIE is able to deliver more game modes to you in the future.
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