ZOWIE XL2566K Official Monitor of VCT Americas


Costa Mesa, CA – ZOWIE is happy to support Riot Games as the Official Monitor Supplier for Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Americas. The tournament will kick off at the new Riot Los Angeles arena in April 2023. Every participating team will be competing on stage with ZOWIE’s latest XL2566K esports gaming monitor.

ZOWIE is one of the most trusted brands in the esports industry and strives to provide the best esports equipment. Since the release of the first XL series monitor, ZOWIE continues to improve their products by researching the players habits and needs. The XL2566K esports gaming monitor features a 360Hz refresh rate with DyAc⁺™ technology and a fast TN panel for optimized smoothness during gameplay.

DyAc⁺™ or Dynamic Accuracy is a technology designed by ZOWIE to reduce motion blur seen in most displays. It reduces vigorous screen shaking in-game allowing players to clearly make flick shots and helps with recoil control. The XL2566K is also equipped with Black eQualizer color optimization technology, which increases visibility in dark scenes without overexposing bright areas. This helps players recover from flashes and can provide clearer vision through smokes. The fast TN panel allows more focus with less distractions by providing a sharp outline on moving targets.

“ZOWIE has been a staple for PRO gamers for years on end. Across various game titles and esports competitions, we’ve always taken pride in delivering the most premium gear to get you ready for the big stage”, said Houston Wei, Sr. Director of BenQ America Corp. “We’re ecstatic to join forces with Riot and VCT Americas to bring PRO players to their competitive peak with ZOWIE esports gaming monitors.”

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Introduced in late 2008, ZOWIE is a brand dedicated to the development of the best competitive gaming gears available that compliment esports athletes' combating performance. Since 2015, ZOWIE has been acquired by BenQ Corp to represent the company's esports product line that delivers a truly competitive experience and enjoyment.