ZOWIE XL2566K 360hz monitor for VALORANT Champions Tours Americas (VCT)


2023 Official Monitor of VALORANT Champions Tour Americas

The XL2566K features a Fast TN panel with 360Hz refresh rate, including DyAc⁺™ technology for pro players to experience smooth gameplay with clarity. Let’s see why it’s the best monitor for VALORANT!



The Favorite Monitor of Pro Players




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Better Clarity and Sharpness in Fast Movement

Compared to regular IPS 360Hz displays, Fast TN 360Hz panels with DyAc⁺™ provide clearer and sharper outlines of moving targets, helping players focus with less distractions from unwanted afterimage effects created by in-game visuals and motion.

Regular IPS 360Hz displays vs. XL2566K Fast TN 360hz with DyAc⁺™ VALORANT monitor for VCT Americas

DyAc⁺™: Designed for Clear Motion and Vigorous
In-Game Control

When aiming and moving the crosshairs in VALORANT, DyAc⁺™ on Fast-TN panels makes the background look less blurry. This clarity helps gamers see the positions of enemies during fast movement, and allows them to focus on quick moving targets more easily.

XL2566k 360hz monitor for VALORANT Champions Tours Americas motion clarity

Smooth Gameplay Powered by Fast TN 360Hz

Catch every detail in motion and enjoy the most fluid gameplay with ZOWIE native Fast TN 360Hz refresh rate monitors, which ensure flawless and consistent views of fast-moving games like VALORANT.

240hz competitive gaming monitor performance XL2566K 360hz best monitor for VALORANT Champions Tours Americas smooth gameplay

*The simulation image is just for reference, for actual effect please experience it first hand.

In-Game Setting Convenience

Exclusive XL Setting to Share™ VALORANT Color Mode was custom-created to make the visuals offered to pro players as clear and precise as possible. While image settings are subjective, with ZOWIE XL Setting to Share™ you can either get our preset color mode for VALORANT or download settings from fellow pro players and fine-tune each to your own preferred image parameters.





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