We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between ZOWIE and Sentinels! As we embark on this journey together, we look forward to combining ZOWIE’s cutting-edge monitor technology with Sentinels’ passion for excellence in Esports. Together, we aim to elevate gaming experiences to new heights, leveraging ZOWIE’s state-of-the-art monitors to enhance performance, precision, and immersion for Sentinels players and fans alike. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings and look forward to achieving great success together in the world of competitive gaming.

Sentinels Review

VCT Champs Talk ZOWIE



Let's take a moment to highlight the role on how ZOWIE monitors played in Sentinel's success. The precision and reliability ZOWIE monitors offered were crucial in securing their victories

2024 VCT Americas Stage 1 Week 3 - Day 1

Sentinels Testimonials

ZOWIE x Sentinels

VIP Showcase Events

We are excited to announce our exclusive ZOWIE VIP Showcase event featuring Sentinels! Join us as we celebrate esports excellence with the renowned Sentinels team. Stay tuned for insights, behind-the-scenes moments, and more from this thrilling collaboration!

Event Recap

Sentinels Gameplay

Experience SEN City in Action

Witness the electrifying gameplay of Sen City in action with Sentinels! Dive into the intense moments and strategic brilliance that define their gameplay while competing on ZOWIE’s very own XL2566K 360Hz monitors.

2024 VCT Americas Stage 1 Week 5 - Day 1

Sentinels Gameplay

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