BenQ announces the ZOWIE XL Series is the Official Monitors of PUBG Korea League and PUBG Japan Series 2019


BenQ announces the ZOWIE XL series is the official monitor of PUBG Korea League, PUBG Korea Contenders, and PUBG Japan Series 2019. 

PKL is the PUBG professional league, and PKC is the PUBG secondary league in Korea. PJS is the PUBG professional league in Japan, and it includes both the grade 1 and grade 2 teams. The leagues represent their portions of 2019 Official competitive season held by PUBG Corporation, which will lead the winning teams to represent their league at the PUBG Global Championship 2019 at the of the year

As the second phase of the professional leagues are getting started for 2019, BenQ ZOWIE is proud to be a part of the PUBG Professional Leagues in Korea, and Japan as the monitor sponsor. BenQ have supported ZOWIE XL Series Esports Gaming Monitors to assist the players with best gameplay experiences. Monitors play a crucial role in competitive esports gameplay. Not only the monitor needs to be smooth and clear, identifying enemy easier, but also requires all the customization adjustability are important for each players to find their own comfortable settings when playing

ZOWIE XL Series Esports Gaming Monitors is a very good fit for the PUBG gameplay, because the 2 most favored features offered on the BenQ ZOWIE XL series: Black eQuzlier, and Color Vibrance. They help players when spotting enemies on the field, and the adjustability they need to suit their preference.

The phase 2 of PKL and PKC will be starting on 05/20th, and PJS will be starting on 05/31st. Please visit the below URL if you wish to learn more.

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PUBG Korea League:

PUBG Japan Series: