When I do fast swipes or angle changes in the game, my mouse disconnects from Windows, then they reconnect.

If a USB-hub is being used, it may be causing a power shortage. Please disconnect from it and try again.

If not, please try another computer and/or USB-port and follow these troubleshooting steps.

1. Clean the sensor with a brush.

2. Test the mouse on a different LOD setting. (For EC-A, FK, ZA,  EC-C, FK-C, ZA-C, S-C, EC-CW seires)

To learn more about How do you change/reset the LOD (Lift Off Distance) setting of the mouse?

If the problem persists and the product is still within the warranty period, please contact our support team.

Applicable Models

EC1-A (L), EC2-A (M), FK1 (L), FK1+ (XL), FK2 (M), ZA11 (L), ZA12 (M), ZA13 (S), FK1 WHITE (L), FK1+-C (XL), FK2-B (M), FK1-C (L), ZA11 (L), ZA11-B WHITE (L), ZA11-C (L), ZA11 WHITE (L), ZA12 (M), ZA12-B WHITE (M), ZA12-C (M), ZA13-B WHITE (S), ZA13-C (S), ZA13 WHITE (S), EC1-CW (L), EC2-CW (M), EC3-CW (S), U2 (M)

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