ZOWIE Launches U2 Wireless Gaming Mouse for Esports


Costa Mesa, USA , January 12, 2024 – ZOWIE is pleased to announce the U2 wireless esports mouse. Through experimentation with sports science methodology, U2’s all-new shape features an inward-curved design on both sides as a fit for claw-grippers that prioritize agility during multi-angle movements with their mouse. U2 also features an enhanced receiver for improved wireless signal stability, plug and play, and a new mouse feet design for the same glide feeling found in ZOWIE wired mice.


At ZOWIE, each new shape undergoes meticulous research. We conduct thorough, qualitative interviews and usability tests on prototypes before every product launch. By leveraging sports science experiments, we’re able to evaluate various design proposals more objectively. We believe that designs rooted in both qualitative and quantitative data empower our players to achieve higher levels of performance.


Featuring an inward-curved design on both sides, U2 provides a stable grip during mouse lift. U2's left-side curved design, together with the overall curve of the back, reduces the thumb angle and supports a faster index finger click speed. The right-side curve facilitates easy placement of the ring finger, promoting balanced force exertion on both sides of the hand for improved stability during mouse movement. Through experimentation with different shapes and positions, U2’s side buttons facilitate easier thumb access.


To deliver a better wireless experience, the exclusive directional enhanced receiver increases the reception footprint toward the mouse which improves signal reception. A reduced range of reception at the back of the receiver can effectively minimize interference from signals originating in the rear.​ This minimizes frame drops and stuttering stemming from wireless interference during gaming and maintains stable high-quality transmission during wireless applications.


U2 uses the now-proven 3395 sensor for long term component supply stability, and we’ve enlarged the upper half of Mouse Skatez for a more familiar gliding experience among ZOWIE users.


For more information, please visit ZOWIE at:

U2: https://zowie.benq.com/en-us/mouse/u2.html

Type E Black: https://zowie.benq.com/en-us/mouse-skatez/type-e-black.html

Type E White: https://zowie.benq.com/en-us/mouse-skatez/type-e-white.html


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