A Mouse is a Personal Choice

Your mouse is not just an accessory. Like any tool, the way the mouse and your hand fit together impacts your level of play. A comfortable mouse fit is key for your best game performance and is a personal decision. But, since people are not one-size-fits-all, mice shouldn’t be either. 

Introducing ZOWIE C-Series Mice

ZOWIE welcomes a much awaited new series of mice, the C-Series. Built on the concept that gaming gear is a personal decision, this line of mice aims to satisfy a variety of preferences with a focus on quality and durability. The key changes across new models include lighter weight, an updated paracord cable, and a 24-step scroll wheel.

 Every adjustment is meant to deliver a good experience for competitive gaming. Thus, these changes represent our dedication to the ongoing development and application of mice options that deliver solid performance, stability, and quality for FPS gamers. And while stability, not weight reduction, was the primary goal, it was a result of the redesign.

C-Series mice are approximately 10 grams lighter than their predecessors. This adds movement flexibility without sacrificing stability. The new, lighter paracord cables are soft and resilient to reduce bounce and drag, especially during aggressive movements. Additionally, the paracord cable is attached via a raised, tilted point, with a cable restraint, to minimize disruptive friction or rubbing against the mousepad. As mentioned, the scroll wheel is now 24-step, with clear indents to distinguish each scroll, with easy DPI adjustment on the bottom of the mouse so you avoid misclicking it on the top.

First Release: EC-C Ergonomic Mice

There’s also a new shape in EC3-C. The first two mice in the new EC-C series retain the familiar ergonomic shape with a slightly shorter length. Palm grippers and claw grippers alike should maintain a comfortable fit while improving vertical movement. Plus, the mouse has space on the right side for you to adjust and customize your grip. 

Players can customize their mouse’s performance. For ease of use, the mice are plug and play, have 400/800/1600/3200 DPI adjustment, a 3360 sensor, a button on the bottom of the mouse to control polling rate  at 125/500/1000Hz , response time  adjustment, and more. The perfect lift-off distance keeps you in the zone, and optional speedy mouse feet can be purchased for a different glide feeling.

Thank You for Your Patience

At ZOWIE, we strive to offer the finest competitive-play FPS mouse experience. By taking a deliberate, holistic approach, we recognize our development process takes more time than our customers would like. However, we do not release products until we are satisfied that the quality meets our demanding standards. PROS prefer ZOWIE as their FPS mouse. We hope you do, too, and that you agree the wait is worth it.