What is Color Vibrance?


Color Vibrance is an exclusive BenQ ZOWIE technology that is supported on all of our gaming monitors. The purpose of Color Vibrance is to provide more precise color grading and allowing color tone to be easily adjusted to your personal preference. In various games, the colors of the environments tend to be more ‘washed-out’ and prove to be difficult when trying to differentiate enemy targets within the game.

With 20 different levels of adjustable Color Vibrance, the colors on your screen “pop”, improving the overall look of the game while also giving you the advantage on the battlefield due to enemies being easier to spot with the increased color depth. In games such as CS:GO, PUBG, and Rainbow Six, character models often blend in with the environment due to the clothing. In addition to the vibrance of the environment, Color Vibrance enhances the visibility of character models, making it easier to spot enemies that are hiding in color blended areas.

In conjunction with the S-Switch remote on select XL-Series models, users can save up to three select presets for their viewing experience as well as a quicker navigation experience when exploring and adjusting monitor settings. Whether they are playing CS:GO, a game with more neutral colors, then switching to Apex Legends, a game with wider color density, users can swap to their custom profiles with the press of a button on the S-Switch. In addition to watching games, users can also create profiles and switch settings for movies or daily internet browsing in an instant.

With the history of Color Vibrance, Dynamic Accuracy, and Black eQualizer many professional players have utilized these features to support their journey to obtaining championship titles in their respective games. According to ProSettings analytics, a website dedicated to compiling professional player game settings and equipment, most of professional CS:GO players use a BenQ ZOWIE monitor.

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