Zowie Breakdown Episode 2: All About That Base

  • 2023-05-04

Smaller Base – More Playing Space

The monitor base is designed to take up less space while maintaining stability. This allows players more space in their setup to re-position their keyboard in-game. Some players position their keyboards to the side for intense games, such as VALORANT, so they have more mobility. The smaller base provides players more freedom to comfortably play however they want!

Fluid & Flexible Adjustment – More Comfort In-Game

We understand that each player has their own unique combination of monitor height and angle adjustment. With height adjustment & free tilt, they can setup quickly and conveniently resulting in a more comfortable playing environment. The base and stand feature notches that act as a ruler to help players effortlessly replicate their setup anywhere, anytime. This is especially beneficial for players who compete in intensive tournaments. They can easily adjust each monitor to their preference without wasting any time before the game starts.

What are the Shields Used For?

These shields offer multiple benefits to gamers whether you are competing on the big stage, like VCT: Americas or at home grinding rank trying to reach radiant. The shields help gamers to concentrate in-game by blocking any distractions happening around them. Distractions on stage can come from the fans, cameras, announcers, and lights. While practicing from home, players can experience sunlight glare, family members, and other factors!

How Do You Install Them?

The shields are easy to install and feature a screwless design. This allows players the ability to pop the shields on or off based on their needs.

Need more help installing the shields? Check out our helpful guide a for more information!

LOUD aspas adjusts his monitor on stage at VCT.

VCT Americas Opening Weekend 2023
VCT Americas Opening Weekend 2023

Applicable Models

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