Zowie Breakdown Episode 1: The Journey of Dyac

  • 2023-03-30

Benefits of DyAc™/ DyAc⁺™

DyAc™/DyAc⁺™  (Dynamic Accuracy) is a technology designed to reduce motion blur during gameplay. In competitive tournaments, players can easily see fast movement while performing moves like Jett Dash. DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ also helps the background look less blurry, which applies when aiming and moving the cross-hair. The difference can vary from player to player, but most have found that it can create that 1% advantage.

Science Behind LCD Technology and Motion Blur

The way a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) produces an image is simple. 

A pixel becomes visible in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology when a light beam passes through the liquid crystal. When we see an object continuously moving on screen, this means that light beams are passing through multiple liquid crystals.  Motion blur occurs because the crystals are unable to close quickly enough resulting in the previous image still being visible momentarily. Many display companies utilize a high refresh rate to combat this issue. However, players won’t be able to experience the sharpness needed during competitive tournaments. 

This is where DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ comes into play by simulating Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). CRT creates images with electron beam tracking, so a moving object doesn’t have an afterimage. 

How does DyAc™/ DyAc⁺™ work?

As mentioned earlier, DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ is the exclusive technology that simulates CRT’s dynamic display effect on LCD technology. The illustration below shows an example of how the technology works but is not an exact representation. 

The backlight is turned on and then switched off at a fixed point. This helps to avoid unwanted afterimages since there is no residual light from a previously fixed point. In other words, you do not see a lingering image (motion blur) because no light beam passes through more than one point at a time.

Previously, the LCD panel was a standard component. ZOWIE customized the panel and made exclusive modifications to the circuitry and firmware settings. DyAC™ /DyAc⁺™ provides sharper moving images, which can be beneficial in FPS games such as VALORANT. 

What the PROs are saying about DyAc⁺™

“Without DyAc⁺™ technology, I’d be out of a job”

- Yay, formerly Cloud 9


“DyAc⁺™ really helps with the precision of my game changing RAZE ULTS”

- Xeppaaa, Cloud 9

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