We had the pleasure of interviewing CadiaN from Heroic about his experience with ZOWIE monitors throughout various tournaments. He also shared how he sets up his monitor, for example during Blast CS:GO Major. 

Using ZOWIE monitor at a tournament
Experience with DyAc
Color setting preference
CadiaN’s CSGO settings

Click HERE to download CadiaN's monitor settings config from Proesettings

There's no BEST Setting, Only What Suits YOU Best

Color settings are subjective and based on personal preference. CadiaN has his settings that he likes best and other pro gamers may have totally different takes on monitor settings. In short, it’s clear there isn’t a universal or perfect settings profile, nor one that’s likely to satisfy the tastes of every gamer. The key is to try settings out and see if they work for you.  

The ZOWIE team also created and shared a tuned CS:GO setting profile for K series monitors in FPS1 mode. This profile optimizes settings for aspects such as enemy outlines and movement for increased visibility. If you don't know where to start with your settings, you can try using this mode as a baseline and fine-tune colors as needed to find the settings that feel best to you.

Click HERE to know more about how to save and share your settings by XL Setting To Share