Halo Infinite Xbox Monitor

  • 2023-02-22

XL2540K Monitor Designed for Competitive Gameplay

240Hz refresh rate equipped with XL Setting to Share™ to help players to be more comfortable in-game and to perform to the best of their abilities.

Smooth Gameplay with 240Hz or 120Hz the PC or Xbox Series X/One X

Catch every detail of motion and enjoy the fluid gameplay with ZOWIE high refresh rate monitors, which ensures a smooth view of fast-motion and dramatic transitions consistently at all time.

Color Mode for Halo

HALO INFINITE Mode is a suggested color setting available for XL2540K. The Mode fine-tunes the display color to a soft yet vivid color effect and enhance the sharpness of objects for clarity.  Color Vibrance™  features is activated to pop up the outline color of enemies; Black eQualizer™ for you to spot the moving objects in the dark background more easily.

XL Setting To Share™

Share your own settings with a teammate, friend, or your fans. Download and apply settings easily with a few clicks. Save video profiles quickly and share conveniently through a simple user interface. Support both PC and Console gameplay.

Fluid & Flexible Adjustment, More Comfort In-Game

Each player has his/her own unique combination of monitor height and angle adjustment. With height adjustment & free tilt, players are able to setup quickly and conveniently resulting in a more comfortable playing environment. 

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Applicable Models

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