DyAc⁺ ™ Technology

  • 2021-04-23

DyAc⁺ ™ Technology

In CS:GO, 80% of all shots require some level of recoil control.
DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ is a technology designed by ZOWIE to reduce motion blur seen in LCD technology. It reduces vigorous screen shaking in-game and can see the position of crosshair and impact points more clearly which can help with recoil control in CS:GO. Perhaps the difference is minimal and varies from person to person but the difference in the arena is often that 1%.

Monitor with DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ Technology

XL2411K (24") 144Hz Gaming Monitor


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XL2546K (24.5") 240Hz Gaming Monitor


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XL2731K (27") 165Hz Gaming Monitor


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XL2746K (27") 240Hz Gaming Monitor


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Q1: Will DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ increase input lag?

A1: The DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ won't add input lag, since it doesn't add any extra loading to the image processing to the monitor nor to the computer.


Q2: Why the brightness drops when I turn on DyAc™ on my XL2411K?

A2: This is due to the 144hz panel limitation. This phenomenon won't happen on our 240hz with DyAc models.


Q3: How much the brightness will drop when I turn on DyAc™ on my XL2411K?

A3: It is roughly 50% off, and the perception to the brightness drop may be different depending on each one's feeling and ambient conditions.


Q4: Is DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ compatible with GSYNC/FreeSYNC?

A4: DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ is not compatible with GSYNC/FreeSYNC, so when you turn on GSYNC/FreeSYNC (if your model has one of those variable refresh rate features), then the DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ will be off automatically; If you want to turn on DyAc™/DyAc⁺™, you need to turn off GSYNC/FreeSYNC through your graphic card control panel. The way DyAc/DyAc+ works is different from those variable refresh rate technologies, and DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ provides different benefits compared to the others:

• DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ provides a clearer dynamic vision based on a high and stable refresh rate and fps

• Variable refresh rate (GSYNC/FreenSync): reduces stuttering and tearing when there is a significant gap between fps and refresh rate, or it is under a low fps and refresh rate


Q5: Does DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ work on console or does PC need special requirements to be compatible with DyAc™?

A5: DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ is an independent feature built into the monitor that can work on any PC or console but DyAc™/DyAc⁺™ will be only active when the input content is 100hz or above.

Applicable Models

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