The Counter-Strike 2 Gaming Experience with ZOWIE Monitors

  • 2022-12-30

The latest comprehensive update to CS2’s game engine, material effects, lighting and color upgrades provides a brand new gaming experience while retaining the classic features of GS:GO. The ZOWIE team has also conducted extensive testing on CS2 and fine-tuned the monitor color settings. We have also confirmed that the Fast TN panel and DyAc/DyAc⁺ technology continues to deliver top-notch motion clarity and sharpness in CS2 gameplay.

XL Setting to Share - CS2 Color Mode

Compared to the previous CS:GO, CS2 features more vibrant colors and the changes in lighting between indoors and outdoors are more intense. Therefore, the original XL-K monitor's FPS1 mode (optimized for CS:GO) is no longer suitable for CS2 gameplay. We have readjusted the monitor settings to accommodate CS2's game colors, not only have the overall lighting and colors become softer, causing less visual disturbance, but they have also enhanced the differentiation of colors between enemy outlines and backgrounds.

For a comparison of the color differences between CS2 Mode, CS:GO Mode, and the standard mode, please refer to the video below:

The best setting is what suits you best

The CS2 color mode has been fine-tuned to enhance the visibility of enemy outlines and lower the visual disturbance. We have also conducted thorough checks of these settings to ensure their compatibility with various scenes in CS2. If you're uncertain about where to begin with your settings, you can directly apply this color mode or use this mode as a reference while making color adjustments to find settings that suit you best.

Download CS2 color mode :

More information on how to use “XL Setting to Share”

Suppose your XL monitor does not support the XL Setting to Share software, or you want to set your XL-K monitor manually. In that case, you can refer to the table below and enter the following CS2 mode setting parameters:

For all XL-K models



Mode: FPS1

Mode: FPS1

Mode: FPS1

Black eQ 11, Color Vibrance 8, Low Blue Light: 0​

​​​Black eQ: 4, Color Vibrance: 15, Low blue light: 0​​

Brightness: 100, Contrast: 60, Low Blue Light: 0

Gamma: 3, Color temperature: user define: R92, G100, B97

Brightness: 93, Contrast: 45, Sharpness: 7, Gamma: 4,​

Black eQ 15, Color temperature: user define: R90, G96, B95

Brightness: 87, Contrast: 50, Sharpness:9

Color Temperature: R95 G100 B93

Hue: 50, Color Vibrance 13, Sharpness: 7, Gamma: 3

S Switch quick access settings for switching between CS2 and other modes

After downloading the CS2 color mode from the ZOWIE official website or adjusting your preferred monitor settings, you can save that settings to S Switch by holding the button for 3 seconds. For example, you can save the CS2 settings under Gamer 1 and the Standard mode settings under Gamer 3. When entering a CS2 game, pressing Gamer 1 will instantly load the monitor settings for CS2. While browsing websites, you can press Gamer 3 to quickly switch back to the Standard mode settings, enjoying the convenience of one-button configuration adjustments.

For more operational tips, please refer to:

The DyAc™ / DyAc⁺™ technology's contribution to CS2

DyAc™ / DyAc⁺™ technology helps players reduce vigorous image shaking while spraying, which allows for clearer observation of the crosshair or impact point position. This aids in controlling the bullet trajectory during sustained fire, ensuring that the bullets are concentrated on the enemy. Additionally, DyAc™ / DyAc⁺™ assists players in reducing motion blur on the monitor while scanning for enemy positions, enabling quicker differentiation of enemy locations and quicker aiming.

The following video showcases the slow-motion playback effect in actual CS2 gameplay, highlighting the contrast effect more prominently. However, the actual experience may vary from person to person, and it's recommended for players to personally try it out.

For an introduction to the DyAc™ / DyAc⁺™ technology, please refer to the article :

How does Fast TN give gamers the edge in CS2?

Due to its unique LCD material characteristics, Fast TN panel offers faster native response times compared to other LCD panel technologies. When there are rapid changes on the monitor, Fast TN provides clearer and less blurry images. This not only enhances visibility of the crosshair or impact point position but also assists in easily discerning enemy positions when the enemy is moving quickly. The video below demonstrates Fast TN's different levels of motion clarity in CS2:



Another advantage of a Fast TN panel is its differing performance in flashbang displays. When CS2 players are subjected to flashbang attacks, Fast TN is less affected by the bright white screen caused by the flashbang compared to other LCD panel technologies. Fast TN allows for a quicker recovery from the blinding whiteness of the flashbang, enabling gamers to discern the outlines of darker enemies more swiftly and thus counter them faster.

For more information about Fast TN panels, please refer to Why is the Fast-TN panel best for Esports?

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