XL Setting To Share™ - CoD Warzone S3

If you own our XL-K monitor, you might know FPS2 mode is our fine-tuned settings for COD:WZ.

The release of COD: WZ Season 3 brought, not just a new map, but also changes to the lighting and smog in the background.

We have worked a new mode for S3 which we share for your reference.


If you are using a XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K and have XL Setting To Share™ on your PC, you can download CoD Warzone S3 mode here and experience the difference in game play right away.

If you have got a XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K and have not yet downloaded XL Setting To Share™, click here to get the program and see how it works.

Compatible monitors

S switch is an optional accessory for XL2540K and XL2411K. Purchase link: XS250

Please click VALORANT Mode to download the video setting reference for VALORANT, and click APEX mode to download the video setting reference for APEX