ZOWIE Esports in Schools and Education


Esports in Schools and Education
Products that help student athletes achieve their goals

The growing popularity of esports across student populations is on the rise. As a leading human technology and solution provider, ZOWIE specializes in developing high-quality professional esports gaming equipment, and is dedicated to providing opportunities for players to compete at their full potential.

Brand’s We’ve Worked With

ZOWIE monitors have earned the reputation as being the competitive esports standard, and are adopted worldwide by most professionals and tournaments. Here are some of the brands we’ve worked with.

Equipment for Esports

What works for casual and AAA gaming is not typically the best option for esports. As BenQ’s esports product line, the ZOWIE brand is committed to developing equipment that focuses on performance, reliability and comfort for the serious gamer. We offer a full range of monitors and mice to enhance players’ and students’ gaming experience.

ZOWIE XL2546K for Esport School Education
Choosing the Proper Monitor for Your Esports Program

Esports equipment should suit the individual performance needs of your student athletes and the games they play, giving them the best chance at succeeding. To achieve ideal performance when choosing gaming monitors, look for:

• Optimum refresh rate for your games and setup
• 24"–25" Screen size for maximum access of info within peripheral vision
• Lower resolution settings for an ideal balance of performance and visibility
• Built-in motion-blur-reduction technology to combat intense gameplay movement
• Ergonomic characteristics for comfort and efficiency over aesthetics
• Highly customizable settings that are easy to adjust

Gaming Mice

Designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate each hand size and grip type

ZOWIE Gaming Mice Series