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Choose the Mouse For You

The shape of a mouse is considered by many to be the most important aspect of a gaming mouse. Hands come in all shapes & sizes and everyone has their own preference when it comes to holding a mouse.
Quickly compare different mice to find your preference, or purchase the Mouse Fitting Kit for a hands-on experience!

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1. This service is for the US only.
2. Must choose three mouses.
3. Limited Weekly Availability. You will be contacted via email if your trial request is accepted. It takes 5-7 days to process.

Switch the button and highlight the models.

Ergonomic (Ergo)

Well-rounded shape suited for right-hand users.

Symmetrical (Symm)

Symmetrical shape but suited to right-handed users.ZA has side buttons on both sides and is therefore suited to both left- and right-handed users.

Two types offer gamers different grip feelings.


The glossy coating has a shinny finish.

Matte (Standard)

The standard coating has a matte finish.

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