XL Setting to Share doesn’t detect my monitor (Monitor not found). What should I do?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the cables are directly connected from your PC to the monitor.
    Do not use splitters or adapters, as they may cause compatibility issues.
  2. Reset your monitor through the monitor menu: System > Reset > Reset All > YES.
  3. Verify that the ECO Setting is OFF: System > ECO Setting > OFF.
    (Note: Enabling ECO Setting will disable the DDC/CI function.)
  4. Confirm that the DDC/CI setting is ON: System > Other Setting > DDC/CI > ON.
    The software needs this protocol to communicate between the PC and the monitor.
    (Note: XL-X models won’t have the option as it is ON by default.)
  5. Check if your XL Setting to Share is the latest version:
    Run XL Setting to Share > Settings > Software Updates > Check Update.
  6. Update your Graphics Card drivers to the latest version.
  7.  Ensure the XL Setting to Share(.exe) file is unzipped and not running inside a zipped file.

If the software still doesn’t detect your XL monitor after you complete the above steps, please contact our local service center for further assistance.

We may need your assistance in providing Log files, which will allow our engineers to investigate the issue more effectively. 

To export logs, navigate to Settings > Basic Settings > Technical   Support > Export Logs within the software.

Applicable Models

XL2540K (24.5"), XL2546K (24.5"), XL2566K (24.5"), XL2746K (27"), XL2546X (24.5"), XL2411K (24"), XL2731K (27"), XL2586X (24.1")

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