EC-CW: The ZOWIE Wireless Gaming Mouse is Here!

  • 2023-02-09

ZOWIE is a brand that is dedicated to the development of professional eSports equipment, and we strive to continually develop products that allow gamers to play at the peak of their abilities. Mostly identified as the platinum standard of eSports monitors, many may be unaware that ZOWIE also brings the same dedication and focus into developing gaming mice as well. With the announcement at CES 2023, ZOWIE is happy to say that after years of diligent research and development, a new Wireless Gaming Mice is finally here to join the party.

The Shape

When it comes to gaming mice, instead of the common one size fits all approach, ZOWIE believes to not cut corners and put its best foot forward in creating gaming mice shapes and sizes that can best fit your grip. ZOWIE has developed four shapes by using data gathered through a “Sport Science” approach; We would like to focus on the EC shape. The EC is ZOWIE’s most popular shape from ZOWIE’s Gaming Mouse offerings. By using sensors placed on the hand and arm that operates the mouse, allows ZOWIE to identify the shape that will support the muscles and help reduce strain from use. The EC shape will be the first iteration Wireless Gaming mice that ZOWIE will release. The ZOWIE EC Wireless Gaming Mouse will come in three sizes. EC1-CW (Large), EC2-CW (Medium), EC3-CW (Small). 

The Enhanced Receiver

When developing the ZOWIE Wireless Gaming Mouse, one milestone that was critical in the development was to create a solution that enhances the wireless connection stability. This is the reason why the ZOWIE Wireless Gaming Mice will come complete with a unique Enhanced Receiver that will help to achieve this stability. The Enhanced Receiver in combination with the built in Enhanced Antenna, located in the front tip of the Wireless Gaming Mouse, will allow the connection to be more resistant to transmission interference. In addition to the enhanced stability, the Enhanced Receiver also acts as a charging dock for quick and easy access. The Receiver is also connected via a removable USB-C cable, so if you need to use the mouse in a pinch, you can still connect it as a wired mouse when in need. Last piece to be included with the ZOWIE Wireless Gaming Mouse will also be an additional USB dongle. This will allow streamers the flexibility to toggle between their Streaming PC and their Gaming PC with a flip of a switch.

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