What is DyAc™ and DyAc+™ ?


In CS:GO, 80% of all shots require some level of recoil control.

DyAc™ /DyAc+ ™ is a technology designed by ZOWIE to reduce motion blur seen in LCD technology. It reduces vigorous screen shaking in-game and can help improve recoil control in CS:GO. Perhaps the difference is minimal and varies from person to person but the difference in the arena is often that 1%.

Did you know that your monitor has “motion blur”?

The way a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) produces an image is simple.

Each pixel becomes visible when a light beam passes through the liquid crystal. When we see an object continuously moving on screen, this means that light beams are continuously passing through multiple liquid crystals. Motion blur occurs because the liquid crystals are unable to close quickly enough resulting in the previous image still being visible momentarily.

Despite higher refresh rates and the development of low-latency panels, the sharpness of moving images on LCD is still limited.

Among the multiple display technologies of the past, CRT displays perform the best in terms of moving images' sharpness. CRT creates images with electron beam tracking, so a moving object does not have an afterimage.

Dynamic Accuracy

DyAC™ / DyAC+™ is the exclusive technology that simulates CRT's dynamic display effect on LCD and it based on the backlight control technique. This is just an illustration and is not an exact representation.

The backlight is turned on and then switched off at a fixed point. This helps to avoid unwanted afterimages since there is no residual light from a previous fixed point. In other words, you do not see a lingering image (motion blur) because there is no light beam passing through more than one point at a time.

Previously, the LCD panel was a standard component. ZOWIE customized the panel and also made exclusive modifications to the circuitry and firmware settings. Without changing the content of games, DyAC™ / DyAC+™ provides clearer moving images, especially for FPS games.

How does DyAC™ / DyAC+™ help in CS:GO

DyAC™ / DyAC+™ makes vigorous in-game actions such as spraying less of a blur. Both DyAc and DyAc+ provide spray control with only differences on the panel specifications.

This allows gamers to see the position of crosshair and impact points more clearly which can help with recoil control.

The following videos are an actual slow motion in-game clip. The effect will still vary depending on the individual.

How does DyAC™ / DyAC+™ help in Valorant

In Valorant, characters have their own set of abilities like Jett and fast moving. When aiming and crossair moving, DyAc/DyAc+ makes background to be seen with less of a blur; and that helps with aim.

The following videos are actual slow motion in-game clips. The perception will still vary depending on the individual.

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