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XL Setting To Share™ - APEX Mode

  /   2021-03-22

XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K has a new feature called XL Setting To Share™ that allows you share your display settings easily by saving them as a profile via our proprietary software.

Through XL Setting To Share™ , you can also get recommended video settings for new game titles from ZOWIE. Here’s a video showing the comparison between APEX mode with other modes (FPS1 and standard)

If you are using a XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K and have got  XL Setting To Share™ on your PC, you can download APEX mode here and experience the gameplay right away.


If you have got a XL2546K/XL2540K/XL2411K and have not yet downloaded  XL Setting To Share™, click here to get the program and see how it works. 

To dowanload the XL Setting to Share software

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S switch is an optional accessory for XL2540K and XL2411K. Purchase link: XS250

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