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BenQ announces the ZOWIE CAMADE II standard version

2020,Brand & Product  /   2020-04-30

Taipei, Taiwan, April 30, 2020 – ZOWIE understands the movement restraints that some wired mouse users experience and that is why we designed the CAMADE II: to give wired mice users more stable, efficient, and drag-free movement.

In 2019, we released special DIVINA edition products in combination with the DIVINA tournaments that were very well received by pros and amateurs alike.

In order to allow players to continue that experience, we are releasing the standard black version of the CAMADE II.

The CAMADE II standard version has the stability of the 1st generation CAMADE, but with a longer spring and a guided two-tier adjustment system. This allows the spring to extend further making sure the cable interferes even less with mouse movement.

We've also added a textured rubber to the clip to better accommodate different types of cables.

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