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BenQ ZOWIE CAMADE II Esports Gaming Mouse Cable Management Device



ZOWIE CAMADE II has a unique adjustable spring design enabling users to choose between 2 comfortable heights. It lets gamers adjust cable slack allowing for quick and unobstructed movements.

CAMADE II is equipped with a rubber clip that fits mouse cables of different thicknesses and its solid design allows convenient mobility without any additional assembly.


Mouse Cable Management

Guarantees that the cable does not get caught or entangled while moving the mouse

Mouse is the only contact point to your pad

Keeps your cable in place

Rubber feet provides stability and a solid grip

Unique Design for Maximum Mobility

With opened and closed position.

Players can bring the CAMADE with them without snapping the spring.

Perfect Weight Distribution

Never tips over while in your game.

Adjustable Spring Positions

Allows users to select a comfortable height

Quality Rubber Clip is Compatible with All Types of Mouse Cable


Provides more options to gamers


  • Color
  • Red
  • Spring
  • Dual Height Setting
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm)
  • 159 (Highest) / 128 (Middle) / 105 (Lowest) x 96 x 82
  • Weight (g)
  • 380
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