The cursor on the screen shakes and starts moving on its own without touching the mouse or with my hand just resting on it.

If two mice are connected to the PC at the same time, please unplug one mouse and check if the symptom persists.

If using only one mouse, please test the unit on another PC and/or USB-port. 

Also, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Use compressed air to eject any particles that may be interfering with the sensor.  

2. Clean the sensor lens with a brush.

3. Test the mouse on a different LOD setting. (For EC-A, FK, ZA,  EC-C, FK-C, ZA-C, S-C, EC-CW seires)

To learn more about How do you change/reset the LOD (Lift Off Distance) setting of the mouse?

If the problem persists and the product is still within the warranty period, please contact our support team.

Applicable Models

EC1-A (L), EC2-A (M), FK1 (L), FK1+ (XL), FK2 (M), ZA11 (L), ZA12 (M), ZA13 (S), EC1-CW (L), EC2-CW (M), EC3-CW (S), ZA11 WHITE (L), ZA12 WHITE (M), ZA13 WHITE (S), S1-C (M), S1 RED V2 (M), S2 RED V2 (S), S2 DIVINA PINK (S), EC1-B (L), EC2-B (M), EC2-B CS:GO (M), EC1-B CS:GO (L), S1 DIVINA BLUE (M), S1 RED V2 (M), S2 DIVINA BLUE (S), S2 DIVINA PINK (S), U2 (M)

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