• I sometimes feel headaches or eyes soreness while using the monitor. What can be adjusted to alleviate the discomfort if I feel unwell?

  • Since everyone is unique, and have different vision conditions and sensation on color and brightness. Thus, The cause of the discomfort to everyone may be very different. Even if the monitor has the same settings and displays the same image, some people may feel uncomfortable, while others may not. Following are a few tips, and we suggest you can try to adjust to alleviate the discomfort condition:

  • When I use the monitor with AMA function , its leaves a shade when scrolling the page, when turning OFF the AMA , the shadows issue doesn't happened. Is there any advice you can provide?

  • That is Overdrive/Response Time Compensation (RTC) function in RL/XL series. This technology is based on applying an over-voltage to the liquid crystals to motivate them into their orientation faster. We will usually quote a "grey to grey" (G2G) response time figure on displays using this technology since they are normally the fastest transitions available.

  • Why don’t you share response times for XL and RL models on your website anymore?

  • On ZOWIE website, we didn’t show response time to XL2546S and XL2546K as well as all our XL & RL series.

  • Since an official response time spec is not available anymore, what other response related spec should I check if I’m comparing your monitors with models from other brands?

  • There is always a trade off between overdriving the panel to make it faster which results in bad display quality. XL series fully leverage the panel fast response, but also considering an optimized setting for the overall experience. It is suggested that you can check other user's sharing on website, or test it by yourself in person which would be ideal.

  • What VESA mount should I use on this monitor?

  • This monitor has a VESA standard mount with 100mm pattern, allowing the installation of a wall mount or arm bracket. Please use M4x10mm screws and possible wall mount adapter accessory when doing the installation. Please check with the wall mount/arm kit vendor or check with ZOWIE RMA for further assistance if any.

  • Which models are compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X for 1080p @ 120hz?

  • Please refer to the compatible model list below.

  • Why my monitor doesn't work after creating a custom resolution to overclock the hz of the monitor?

  • Any custom resolution/Hz setting may damage your monitor due to out of the operation range different from what the monitor has been designed for, and it may make your monitor out of warranty accordingly.

  • How do I set the monitor's refresh rate to the highest value as the monitor spec claimed (EX: 144, 165, 240, 360Hz)?