Which models are compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X for 1080p @ 120hz?

Please refer to the compatible model list below.

ESD Console 120Hz

After Sony released a PS5 system software update in 2021/April, XL2746S, XL2740, XL2731, XL2546 & XL2540 are now also 120Hz compatible with PS5 under 1080p. If you find your monitor on the list and it is not 120Hz compatible, please update your PS5 to the latest version. 


For the steps to do extra overrides setup under Xbox Series X, please check below:

  1. Go to "TV & display options" under "General".
  2. Go to "Video fidelity and overscan" under "Advanced".
  3. Change “Overrides” in "Display" from "Auto-detect" (Recommended) to "HDMI" and click on "Use manual settings".
  4. Go back to the last page, and change resolution back to 1080p under “Display”. Click on "Yes" to keep this resolution.
  5. Click on refresh rate and change it to 120Hz, click on "Yes" to keep this refresh rate.

Применимые модели

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