What is the input lag of this monitor? What is the response time of this monitor?

There is no standard input lag measurement in the industry, so we don’t list input lag numbers to avoid confusion. This model uses TN panel with fast response, we not only fine-tuned it to maximize its panel capability but also considering an overall smooth experience. We don’t sacrifice the overall experience for highlighting any specific spec number.

Applicable Models

XL2540K (24.5"), XL2546K (24.5"), XL2546S (24.5"), XL2746S (27"), XL2411K (24"), XL2411P (24"), XL2540 (24.5"), XL2546 (24.5"), XL2731 (27"), XL2740 (27"), XL2731K (27"), XL2746K (27"), XL2566K (24.5"), XL2546X (24.5")

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