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ZOWIE Skatez-Type C White Mouse Skatez / Mouse Feet For Esports


Different Glide Feeling:


The Skatez Type C White are replacement mousefeet for all EC series (exception in *); 0.6 mm thick; made of 100% pure teflon to ensure a great mousing experience with speedy glide.

If you prefer controlling glide, check out Skatez Type C Black 

* Exception: EC1/2-B standard, EC1/2-B CSGO


  • Especially designed to fit all EC series: EC1/2-A, EC1/2-B DIVINA Pink/Blue, Tyloo, EC 1/2, EC 1/ 2  White 
  • 0.6 mm thickness
  • Exception: EC1/2-B standard, EC1/2-B CSGO


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