BenQ announces ZOWIE XL-K Generation Monitors


The first XL monitor was launched in 2010. Back then, 3D technology was all the rage and almost every brand used 120Hz panels for 3D display applications. However, the very first XL monitor, the XL2410T, adopted the same panel for a totally different 2D application; esports. This was the result of a collaboration between BenQ’s engineers and the original ZOWIE team, a group of veteran Counter-Strike players and enthusiasts.  XL2410T was well accepted by the Counter-Strike community, not because of its cutting-edge technology, but because it was the first monitor able to support higher refresh rates at lower resolutions such as 4:3, 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 – the resolutions adopted by many CS players early on. It also had display modes and smart scaling to convince players that TFT LCD displays could compete with CRT monitors when it came to gameplay.


The development of the XL series has been steered by the focus of providing precise and customizable adjustments for players to perform to the best of their abilities in-game because in the world of esports, players who take these sports seriously are the true stars.  New technologies are not introduced unless it can enhance the in-game experience. Over time we have learned that each player has different visual and physical setup preferences. This is why every iteration of the XL series has been designed to help players see more clearly and play more smoothly and comfortably.  During this process, BenQ acquired the ZOWIE brand along with the ZOWIE team in 2015. This was done with the objective of furthering the development of professional esports products.


The years of loyalty from esports professionals, competitive and hard-core players as well as tournament organizers is a testament to the development of the XL series thus far. Today we are pleased to announce the new XL-K generation models, the XL2546K and the XL2411K. This new generation of XL monitors will further enhance a player's comfort and convenience allowing them to focus on their in-game performance.  


We’ve been in the business for 10 years now, dedicated to creating equipment that allows players to focus on what matters most, their performance in-game. We will continue to do so; continue to strive for perfection.  


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