BenQ announces updated ZOWIE EC series with large mouse feet



The ZOWIE EC Series is one of the oldest mouse model we have in the lineup, and there are more than dozen versions of the EC series were ever released in the market. 

Ever Since we have released the EC-B Series with 3360 Sensor, we have received positive feedback from professional, competitive and casual players alike. However, one of the most requested change was the classic ZOWIE mouse feet we had on the EC-A series from the old days. This is why we are now releasing the updated EC series in the standard black coating to meet more players’ personal preferences. This series will be named EC-1 / EC-2, uses the 3360 sensor as well as the two large mouse feet design. 

The currently EC-A/EC-B series will be discontinued, and unify as 1 EC Series in the future.

The availability is as follows and will be continuously updated. Please tune in to our social media for the latest information.