What is Black eQualizer?


Black eQualizer is an exclusive BenQ ZOWIE technology that is supported on all of our gaming monitors. The purpose of Black eQualizer is to brighten darker areas without overexposing lighter areas. This in turn gives competitive players an edge, allowing them to spot enemies hiding in dark corners and shadows. In various games, there are many areas that are darker than surrounding environments or objects, giving enemies the perfect opportunity to hide and blend into the dark spots.

With 20 levels of adjustable Black eQualizer, dark colors on your screen reveal more detail, giving gamers the advantage by spotting their shrouded targets with ease. In games such as CS:GO, Rainbow Six, PUBG, and Apex Legends, the environment of the maps have certain areas that are darker than others. Within those dark areas, there are spots in which enemies utilize to gain the upper hand in battles. Many professional players use Black eQualizer in combination with Color Vibrance to give themselves an edge against enemy players. CS:GO legends Shroud and n0thing both use 12 levels of Black eQualizer as their preferred settings in their competitive games.

Below is a side by side example of two maps in CS:GO – popular hiding spots in maps Mirage and Inferno. Character models in CS:GO blend into the background due to the abundance of neutral colors.

With the history of Color Vibrance, Dynamic Accuracy, and Black eQualizer many professional players have utilized these features to support their journey to obtaining championship titles in their respective games. According to ProSettings analytics, a website dedicated to compiling professional player game settings and equipment, over 87% of professional CS:GO players use a BenQ ZOWIE monitor.

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