Does my monitor support XL Setting to Share? How can I get it?

This feature is only available on  XL2411K, XL2436K, XL2566K, XL2546K, XL2540K, XL2540KE, XL2731K, XL2746K.

If your monitor is not listed above, we're sorry that you won't be able to use it because this feature requires hardware support that’s only available with the these models. The feature does not work when connected to an incompatible model.  

The software can be downloaded from the following page and requires no installation.

You can watch this video to learn more about how XL Setting to Share works. 

Применимые модели

XL2411K (24"), XL2540K (24,5"), XL2546K (24,5"), XL2731K (27"), XL2746K (27"), XL2411K (24"), XL2436K, XL2566K (24.5")

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