XL Setting to Share™

Share your XL display settings by sending them as a profile via our proprietary software. This software allows you to download XL display settings from others as well. The software is free to download and does not require installation.

*Color consistency may vary due to native color variation between different models, and different units within the same model.

How Does It Work?
Team ZOWIE’S Settings to Share for More Game Titles

These are settings we find ourselves coming back to the most and we would like to share them with you, our friends. ZOWIE will continue to release video settings for new game titles. Stay tuned of our social media!

Color modes for XL-K models
(XL2566K / XL2746K / XL2731K / XL2546K / XL2540K / XL2411K)

Click HERE to see how the color modes help in different game titles.

For the XL-K series monitor, the default FPS1 mode is fine-tuned for CS:GO. FPS2 mode for COD WZ(1.0). FPS3 mode for Fortnite.

For the XL-X series monitors. You can find CS2 mode as preset FPS1 mode. VALORANT mode as preset FPS2 mode. APEX mode as preset FPS3 mode.

The game modes are the video settings optimized for the mentioned gameplay and not performance enhancement guaranteed.

System Requirements

Windows 10, 11

Q & A :
Q : Can I share my settings with a friend whose monitor is not on the list of compatible monitors ?

A : Sorry, you won’t be able to. This feature requires hardware, firmware and software to work so only monitors with firmware that is compatible with the software can make use of this feature.

Q: If I have additional questions, where can I get help?

A : Please contact our RMA department through our website ( ZOWIE site > Support > Contact > RMA ) ; or you can send us a message on our global Facebook / Twitter @ZOWIE by BenQ

Q : After I installed ZOWIE's shared setting (such as Valorant, or Apex mode) on my XL2411K, and software shows below message. “Your monitor model is different. The displayed colors may not be identical with the imported settings." Why is that?

A : ZOWIE's shared profile on this page is fine-tuned based on XL2546K. If you apply it on different models, such as XL2540K or XL2411K, the message is just a reminder of the applied color may be different due to different monitor model base. And the color performance will be slightly different due to the panel difference. You still can apply the model and play. No need to worry.