Monitors that support S Switch


What is an S-Switch:

The S-Switch is ZOWIE’s exclusive wired controller that makes it easier to navigate through monitors’ settings menus. Instead of having to use buttons built into the monitor, the S-Switch is equipped with a scroll wheel and return button for easy navigation. In addition to the dedicated input switch button, there are also three buttons at the bottom, so that you can easily switch between optimized profiles for your main games.

How to save profiles to your S-Switch:

1. Adjust your current monitor settings to your preferred viewing experience through the OSD.

2. Hold the number you want to save the profile to for 5 seconds.

3. A pop-up and beep (if enabled) will notify you that your profile is saved.

4. Your setting is now saved and can be accessed by tapping the associated number.

Tips and Tricks:

Monitors that support S Switch