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The Esports Essential

144Hz & 240Hz

ZOWIE’s XL Series with 144Hz & 240Hz high refresh rate esports gaming monitors come with all the essential features for esports gamers. It’s fine-tuned to guarantee a very smooth, responsive, and clear visual experience. All the ZOWIE essential features tailored to FPS players to stay competitive in their games, such as Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance, Height Adjust Stands, and Custom Profiles.

The Esports Standard

240Hz with DyAc

ZOWIE’s XL series with 240Hz high refresh rate esports gaming monitors has been proven to be the standard monitors for FPS esports in the past years. It guarantees the smoothest, and clearest visual experience to arm you for competition. Combining with DyAc Technology, and all other essential features from BenQ ZOWIE, it’s one solid option for gamers who are looking to take their games to next level.

The Esports Premiere

240Hz with DyAc+

ZOWIE’s XL series has taken the esports standard into the next level in 2020. With the newly adopted Fast Liquid Crystal and the introduction of BenQ proprietary DyAc+ technology, it provides gamers outstanding clarity in their game. It also comes with all the other ZOWIE essential features from its predecessors. It’s the premiere and ultimate option for gamers who are serious about their games.

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