The Best Gaming Monitors in 2020


Your buyer's guide for esports gaming monitors.

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This year (2020), the video game market is expected to be worth $90 billion. Worldwide, there are over 2.5 billion video gamers. At the highest level, the pros know that a quality gaming monitor makes all the difference. Whether you’re new to e-sports or looking to level up your game, you should consider what the best gaming monitors in the industry have that other monitors don’t.

These days, gaming prize money from tournaments is reaching well into the millions of dollars. That said, professional gamers look for every advantage to win. They understand that the slightest technological improvement can be the difference between winning and losing. Therefore, they can’t afford to take chances with a gaming monitor that doesn’t measure up.

The best gaming monitors in esports.

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Today’s top professional gamers realize that all monitors are not created equal. As pros, they know that competing with a high-performance monitor is critical to their success. They want a monitor they can trust, and that will deliver when they’re in the heat of the battle. 

That’s why the pros use BenQ ZOWIE monitors. They use BenQ ZOWIE because they are the best gaming monitors in the industry. Here are some of ZOWIE’s popular picks:

1) XL2411P

2) XL2540 G-Sync Compatible

3) XL2546 Dynamic Accuracy

The current esports standard utilizes TN 24" 1080P monitors. This will provide the maximum performance for esports game titles. Monitors such as IPS, 2K, 4K, will decrease hardware performance. Having the high quality gaming gear is extremely important for pro players.

High performance features to enhance your experience.

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Features like Refresh Rate and Response Time will enhance your playing experience considerably. Other proprietary features such as Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance, DyAc, S-Switch along with the Adjustable Monitor System, will take your video game experience to the next level. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features and find out why they matter:

Refresh Rate

What it is: This technology is the most important specification you should look for when purchasing a gaming monitor. The refresh rate is the number of times the screen refreshes in a second to display a new frame. 

For the best gaming experience, you want a high refresh rate. Most monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate. However, a gaming monitor should have 144Hz at the minimum. For a pro-level gaming experience, 240Hz is recommended.

Why you want it: Faster refresh rates are critical for playing FPS games as they offer the smoothest, most responsive gaming experience. Having a high refresh rate allows you to have quicker reaction time to targets and having more updated frames allows you to track enemy players with ease. All of these factors overall increase your gameplay fluidity.

Learn more about how refresh rate can help your gameplay: Refresh Rate

Response Time

What it is: This specification refers to the time it takes a monitor to shift from one color to another color. For example, this measurement is the time it takes for the monitor to change from red to blue, then back to red again – in milliseconds. The fast the monitor can perform this function, the better. You want a monitor that has the lowest response time possible. Pro-level monitors will be as fast as one millisecond. 

Why you want it: Every single millisecond counts. Input lag from a slow response time monitor can keep you from reacting faster than others.

Example: Slow response time may prevent you from hitting a sniper shot while your target is still in sight or not getting information quickly enough to avoid a punch in a fighting game.

Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc)

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What is it: Dynamic Accuracy (DyAc) technology reduces eye tracking motion blur, allowing for vastly improved performance and vision clarity during gameplay.

Why you want it: DyAc minimizes blur and screen shaking from recoil on FPS games. This technology will help you keep your aim on your target while shooting.

Example: Clarity in spray control in shooter games such as VALORANT and CS:GO.

Learn more about how DyAc can help your gameplay: Dynamic Accuracy

Color Vibrance

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What is it: In certain games, the colors of the background and environments tend to be neutral in color. Color Vibrance satures colors in-game to help things stand out.

Why you want it: This feature allows you to decipher between enemy targets and the environment quickly.

Example: Games such as Apex Legends, CS:GO have colors that blend into the enviroment, allowing targets to hide or be unseen.

Learn more about how refresh rate can help your gameplay: Color Vibrance

Black eQualizer

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What is it: BenQ ZOWIE’s Color Engine Technology brightens dark scenes without over-exposing white levels, thereby retaining the high-quality image details of games. This feature gives gamers more control and visibility.

Why you want it: Allows you to see targets clearly without causing color washout and avoiding over-exposing bright areas.

Example: Dark areas on the screen are lightened up, helping you spot enemies hiding in dark corners and lurking about in the shadows.

Learn more about how refresh rate can help your gameplay: Black eQualizer


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What is it: Whether you’re playing CS:GO, a game with more neutral colors, then switching to Apex Legends, a game with more extensive color density, you can swap to custom profiles with the press of a button on the S-Switch. It also provides easy navigation through the menu settings rather than pressing buttons on the monitor.

Why you want it: Whether you are watching a movie, reading blogs, surfing the internet, or gaming, you can easily switch between three (3) preset color settings based on your personal preferences and easy of navigation through the scroll wheel.

Only available on select models.

Fully adjustable monitor system.

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What is it: The system is fully adjustable for height, pivot, tilt, and contains a swivel to improve your comfort and play area. There are also red adjustment markers to save your viewing angle settings. The stand has a headphone hook and a built-in carrying hook for easy transportation and travel.

Why you want it: Having the right adjustment angles such as height level or being able to form fit your gaming station to your keyboard allows you to fully customize and be comfortable with your own setup.

Example: The smallest details can make the biggest difference. ZOWIE monitors offer you maximum comfort so you can enjoy hours of intense gameplay. 

Final Thoughts

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Even though you may not be playing at the pro-level, why not have a monitor that offers you the best possible playing experience? If you’re serious about gaming, ZOWIE provides the best gaming monitors you can buy. You’ll have all of the tools you need to help you perform at your absolute best. ZOWIE monitors will give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Now the rest is up to you.