My cursor skipping and /or stuttering, what can I do to solve this issue?

1.  Using a wet napkin or baby wipe, clean the (outside) sensor of the mouse.

2.  Using a wet napkin or baby wipe, clean your mousepad and make sure it is free of any debris. Make sure to never
     use a shampooing agent, as this could make the issue worse.

3.  Unplug and plug the mouse again

4.  Try to connect to other USB ports of your PC

5.  Remove driver of other gaming mouse driver (software) as to check if other mouse software is causing a conflict

6.  Uninstall and then reinstall the USB mouse driver by windows device manager

7. Try it on another PC and mousepad if possible

8. Test the mouse on a different LOD setting (for EC-A, FK, ZA, EC-C, FK-C, ZA-C, S-C, EC-CW series)

If the problem persists and the product is still within the warranty period, please contact us (ZOWIE website/Support/Contact/RMA).

Applicable Models

EC1-A (L), EC2-A (M), FK1 (L), FK1+ (XL), FK2 (M), ZA11 (L), ZA12 (M), ZA13 (S), EC1 (L), EC1 TYLOO (L), EC1-B (L), EC1-B CS:GO (L), EC1-B DIVINA BLUE (L), EC1-B DIVINA PINK (L), EC2 (M), EC2 TYLOO (M), EC2-B (M), EC2-B CS:GO (M), EC2-B DIVINA BLUE (M), EC1-B DIVINA BLUE (L), FK1+-B (XL), FK1+-B DIVINA BLUE (XL), FK1+-B DIVINA PINK (XL), FK1-B (L), FK1-B DIVINA BLUE (L), FK1-B DIVINA PINK (L), FK2-B (M), FK2-B DIVINA PINK (M), FK2-B DIVINA BLUE (M), S1 (M), S1 DIVINA BLUE (M), S1 DIVINA PINK (M), S2 (S), S2 DIVINA BLUE (S), S2 DIVINA PINK (S), ZA11-B (L), ZA12-B (M), ZA13-B (S), EC1-C (L), EC2-C (M), EC3-C (S), FK1+-C (XL), FK1-C (L), FK2-C (M), S1-C (M), S2-C (S), ZA11-C (L), ZA12-C (M), ZA13-C (S), EC2-B DIVINA PINK (M)

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