Why don’t you share response times for XL and RL models on your website anymore?

On ZOWIE website, we didn’t show response time to XL2546S and XL2546K as well as all our XL & RL series.

The reason is: there is no universal measurement standard to response time in the industry, which means: every brand have a different condition to claim response time, and this means that the response time (whatever number we claim) will not help customer to have a reference when making a decision. It is also important to consider that different panels in the same model have deviation, so each panel won’t have the same exact response time performance. This is why we remove response time to all our XL & RL series, as to avoid any misunderstanding.

In addition, we fully leverage the panel’s advantage of fast response time, and also fine tune it to ensure a good overall experience in-game, instead of just providing the smallest response time by number only.

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