ZOWIE XL2566K: Empowering Esports Community at Rails


Rails Gaming Cafe's journey is a fascinating one, their partnership with ZOWIE and their use of the XL2566K monitor with its lightning-quick Fast TN Panels elevated their gaming experience to a whole new level.

In an interview with Hicham Elzabadani, the owner of Rails Gaming, we learn about the cafe's origins and how it has evolved over time. Hicham shares his passion for gaming and the inspiration behind starting Rails Gaming Cafe. He also discusses the pivotal role that ZOWIE's monitors have played in enhancing the professional gaming experience at his establishment. The lightning-quick refresh rate and responsiveness of the XL2566K monitor have undoubtedly contributed to Rails Gaming's reputation as a hotspot for serious gamers.

But it's not just Hicham who praises ZOWIE's technology. Rails Gaming's regulars are equally enthusiastic. These gamers, who frequent the cafe, share their firsthand experiences with the XL2566K monitor. They emphasize the monitor's incredible visual clarity, which allows them to make every headshot count in FPS (First-Person Shooter) games. The monitor's responsiveness is a game-changer for competitive gaming, ensuring that every frame is displayed at its best.

In summary, Rails Gaming Cafe's story is one of passion and dedication to providing an exceptional gaming experience, with ZOWIE's XL2566K monitor taking center stage as the ultimate choice for serious gamers. The combination of Rails Gaming's commitment and ZOWIE's cutting-edge technology is a winning formula that has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the esports community in Dubai.


Q1: I heard that TN panels have a poorer color performance. Is this true?

A: The color performance is related to the specifications set during panel development. The Fast-TN panels used in the XL series cover 95%~99% of the sRGB color gamut, which means that the XL monitor meets the needs of most web pages or for video browsing purposes. So it is not necessarily the case that TN panels have poorer color performance. The XL monitor is also equipped with a Color Vibrance function, which enhances the color vividness of the game screen so that the enemy’s color can be more easily distinguished from the battleground. "

Q2: I often hear players complaining that the default settings of the XL monitor are weird. How do I adjust them?

A: The most common complaint about the color of the XL monitor is that the color set at the default (FPS1) is not what people are used to. This is because the FPS1 mode is a color mode specifically fine-tuned for CS:GO. The purpose is to make opponents stand out much more against background color and at the same time ensure that there will be not too much contrast between bright and dark details which will reduce the interference and judgment in the game. Compared with general use contexts such as web browsing, there is a clear difference. We suggest that players adjust the mode to the standard mode first so that they can get the color performance close to their general use monitor settings and then make further adjustments to get it just how they want it.

Q3: Why do you no longer give the response time of the XL & RL models on the official website?

A: Because there is no uniform measurement standard for monitor response time in the industry. Each brand applies different standards to measure monitor response time. This means that there are no benchmark standards that customers in the market for a panel can refer to. But, as mentioned above, relative to other LCD technologies Fast-TN has the fastest response time due to its characteristics.

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