Mice Service Program for Disconnection Issues


BenQ has determined that a small percentage of new ZOWIE EC-C, FK-C, ZA-C, and S-C series mice are at risk of experiencing disconnection issues after short periods of usage.

All affected units were manufactured before January 2022

An affected mouse may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

  • The mouse suddenly becomes unresponsive, with the pointer/cursor not moving
  • The mouse disconnects for a short while and then reconnects
  • The PC shows a USB connection issue alarm, USB power surge notice, or USB device connection error when the mouse is plugged into a USB port


Note: No other ZOWIE mouse models are part of this program.


Service Process

All C version mice within valid warranty are eligible for this program. Complete the service application by following the below steps.

Step 1 - Find the 13-digit number on the mouse cable label or on the product box

Find the 13 digits of the Serial Number

Step 2 - Prepare the proof of purchase of ZOWIE mouse 

Step 3 - Click here to fill in the Mouse repair form

Step 3 - Application Process Completed

You will receive a confirmation email if the application is completed.

Additional Information: 

This replacement will extend the standard warranty coverage of C version mice.

The program covers affected mice with valid warranty.