How come my mouse is not working well on a desk surface?

The ZOWIE mouse sensor needs a mousepad for the best performance.

Applicable Models

EC1-A (L), EC2-A (M), FK1 (L), FK1+ (XL), FK2 (M), ZA11 (L), ZA12 (M), ZA13 (S), EC1-A WHITE (L), EC1-B (L), EC1-B DIVINA BLUE (L), EC1-B CS:GO (L), EC1-B DIVINA PINK (L), EC1 RED V2 (L), EC1 WHITE (L), EC2-A (M), EC2 TYLOO (M), FK1-B (L), FK1-B DIVINA BLUE (L), FK1-B DIVINA PINK (L), FK1-B RED V2 (L), EC1-CW (L), EC2-CW (M), EC3-CW (S)

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