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ZOWIE Mouse Pad (HLTV Special Edition) for e-Sports | G-SR




SR-SE is the answer for gamers that enjoy the comfort of a soft rubber base in a cloth mousepad. The unique soft rubber base is 100% flat, providing comfort while maintaining a consistent glide across the mousepad to ensure the best performance is met. And its glide is different from G-SR black. SR-SE comes in two thickness: G-SR+-SE (5mm) and G-SR-SE (3.5mm).

HLTV special edition mousepads are now available on BenQ's website

G-SR-SE (3.5mm)

G-SR+-SE (5mm)


• The smooth and even texture offers a consistent and comfortable glide different from G-SR black

• Newly designed rubber base offers increased stability on any surface

• Dimension: 470 x 390 mm ± 10 mm/ 18.5 x 15.3 inches ± 0.4 inch


  • Size
  • 470 x 390 mm ± 10 mm/ 18.5 x 15.3 inches ± 0.4 inch
  • Thickness
  • 3.5mm