BenQ releases the ZOWIE VITAL Audio System


TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 15, 2016 – Sound, just like vision, is one of the most important sources of information when playing any competitive game. ZOWIE VITAL comes as a solution to achieve clear and consistent sound at home and in any tournament setting.

After gathering feedback during several months of product experience by competitive and professional gamers that attended our booth in DreamHack and ESL events, we are finally releasing the ZOWIE VITAL audio system.

Serious gamers bring their own gaming gear to tournaments and now it’s finally possible to conveniently carry those sound settings you’re accustomed to at home to the gaming venue through the compact ZOWIE VITAL Audio System. However, even with the same setting, sound quality needs to be adjusted in different environments with different background noises. ZOWIE VITAL Audio System’s intuitive touch panel allows gamers to adjust the volume, bass, treble and vocal any time, without the need to go back to Windows or Control Panel, and without any need for drivers which ensures that players can get the same sound quality easily.

Convenience is important but it should be accompanied by sound fidelity. ZOWIE VITAL Audio System upgrades the system output to make sure there is enough information from the sound on every computer and allows gamers to choose a wider impendence range of headsets without sacrificing performance.

Communication is a key point on any team-based eSports game. ZOWIE VITAL Audio System has an independent Analog-to-Digital for the microphone to ensure that teammates listen to the voice more clearly.

ZOWIE VITAL allows headset and speakers to remain connected at the same time so headset/speaker mode can be selected by one button click on the touch panel to provide the highest level of convenience.


1. Touch panel for easy adjustment of volume, bass, treble and voice

2. All sound can be adjusted while in game

3. Headset and speakers connected at the same time, selectable by a click of a button

4. Increased performance for sound and voice quality

5. Plug and play; no drivers needed

ZOWIE VITAL Audio System will be available for trial at the BenQ ZOWIE expo booth (B04:07) at DreamHack Summer and it will also be available at DreamStore for purchase.