How to replace ZOWIE mouse Skatez


If the mouse feet are visibly worn down, the glide will start to feel abnormal, which means it's time to replace the Skatez. Here's the instructions to replace the ZOWIE Mouse Skatez:

First, utilize the existing grooves to lift the edge of the Skatez with a flathead screwdriver or blade. Then pull the entire piece off by hand. Use an alcohol pad or wipe to remove residual glue, dust, or stains in the groove and Skatez socket. Note that this step is extremely important as any residue left beneath the newly installed Skatez may cause an uneven glide.

Peel the backing off the Skatez being installed, and carefully position it into the socket. Do not press down on the Skatez with your fingers or bare hands as this may lead to some unevenness on the newly installed Skatez. Instead, find a hard flat surface such as a table (mousepad is not needed). Set the mouse on the table in its normal functioning position; then apply an even pressure down on the mouse with both hands. While pressing down, move the mouse slightly left and right. 

After the installation, if there are any visible bumps or dents, you will need to remove the existing Skatez and redo the entire process. 

Each set of Skatez can only be used once. Skatez are easily damaged during the removal process and cannot be restored to their original flatness and shape.

After the top and bottom Skatez have been replaced, the following will be on the center ring. The same cleaning methods apply for the ring socket after the removal of the worn down ring. Align the center to the socket and once again place the mouse on a hard flat surface.

It is important to only use compatible mouse Skatez; ones that are too thick will affect the lift off distance of the sensor. While Skatez that are too thin will fail to provide enough clearance for the bottom of the mouse, resulting in direct contact to the mousepad and lead to friction and scratches.

Store your replacement Skatez in a cool environment and away from direct sunlight exposure in order to avoid damage such as heat distortion.

Here are some examples of incorrect Skatez usage:

✘ Placing new Skatez without removing the old ones in an attempt to increase thickness and smoothness. This will affect the lift off distance for the sensor, and the unevenness will also affect your glide.

✘ Trimming down from oversized Skatez. This will leave sharp edges on the Skatez and increase the risk of scratching the mousepad.

✘ Getting incompatible Skatez. This may cause an uneven glide and scratching of the mousepad.

✘ Applying moisturizer to the Skatez in an attempt to increase the smoothness. This will leave stains on the mousepad and consequently affect the glide.