How to choose a ZOWIE symmetrical mouse?


ZOWIE has three series, each with different shapes and sizes for a total of 8 models, allowing you to choose the best symmetical mouse for you. We'd like dive into the differences of our three symmetrical shapes and explain the grip feelings of each so you can visualize which version would be most suitable for you.

For Palm Grip Users

FK Series

FK has a lower profile design, which creates more freedom of adjustment in the top, so the only contact point of the mouse is with your lower palm and fingers. 

The low profile design brings your fingers and wrist closer to the mousepad allowing better handling and control over the mouse.

ZA Series

ZA has a higher profile design, and the hump is positioned closer to the rear of the mouse. This provides more support for your palm and leads to more stability during movement.

The curve on the front of the mouse is steeper and provides a gap between the fingers and mouse. 

In addition, there are projected notches on both sides of the mouse that improves support when lifting the mouse.

S Series

For the S series, the hump is more toward the front. Compared with ZA, S provides more support towards the middle of the palm. 

The support towards the middle of your palm and the overall shorter mouse length allows you to have more freedom of vertical movement.

The right side of the mouse is raised for you to adjust and place your 4th and 5th finger.

And with these raised sides, there is less friction as your hand is less likely to touch the mousepad.

The commonality between these three shapes is the front sides of the mouse are widened to provide extra support  when lifting the mouse and ensure a secure grip.

For Claw Grip Users

FK Series

For claw grip users, the only point of contact with the FK mouse will be your lower palm and fingers, which creates ample space at the top and allows for more flexible movement. This design opens up multiple ways to position your fingers and settle on a comfortable grip.

ZA Series

The ZA series has a higher hump, which creates more contact with your palm, and this offers slightly more support and steady movement.

S Series

Comparing to the S series, the hump’s change in position to reduce contact in the lower palm area. When claw gripping, the S-series mouse will feel shorter. 

That added flexibility benefits movements such as pushing/pulling the mouse vertically.

For claw grip users, the concave curve design of these symmetrical shapes provides more support for your fingers and helps when lifting the mouse.

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