What is Dynamic Accuracy?


DyAc (Dynamic Accuracy) is a proprietary BenQ ZOWIE technology which is used on our select gaming monitors. The purpose of DyAc is to provide improved performance and remarkable clarity during gameplay to give players an advantage on the battlefield.

Being able to clearly see your surroundings in a fast paced game is extremely important. Our DyAc utilizes a custom algorithm to strobe the backlight to prevent fast moving scenes from blurring, thus giving you the tools to improve your in-game performance.

DyAc is specifically designed to reduce blur on very fast moving objects, such as, your screen shaking due to heavy recoil while firing weapons, or tracking unpredictable enemies with your crosshair. In combination with our high refresh rate monitors, DyAc provides the ultimate gaming experience due to lagless and smooth gameplay. Games that benefit from Dynamic Accuracy are fast-paced shooters that require rigorous in-game movement. Some examples are Overwatch, PUBG, and CS:GO where erratic mouse movements (ex. flicking across the screen to another target) can be the difference between victory or defeat. 

With the history of Color Vibrance, Dynamic Accuracy, and Black eQualizer many professional players have utilized these features to support their journey to obtaining championship titles in their respective games. According to ProSettings analytics, a website dedicated to compiling professional player game settings and equipment, over 87% of professional CS:GO players use a BenQ ZOWIE monitor.

To learn more about our monitors, follow this link: https://zowie.benq.com/en-ca/product/monitor.html

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